LK Farms

Poultry and Pork Products

Chickens from LK Farms

Specializing in Rhode Island Red Pullets
Buy these Rhode Island Red pullets that are ready to lay.
Enjoy farm fresh eggs while others are feeding baby chicks.
We can fill both small and large orders. Quantity Discounts.
If you prefer baby chicks, take advantage of our buying power at the hatchery. We can arrange for delivery to you.

Pork from LK Farms

We specialize in weaners, feeders, and 4H show pigs.
We breed to achieve the best genetics for fast growth and quality. Contact us for availability.

Beef from LK Farms

Beef and Pork Products
We offer finished beef and pork for your freezer. We can cut and wrap to your needs. We feed nothing but the best grains purchased from local farmers. Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Quality Feed

Quality Feed & Feed Products
We mix our own custom feeds to meet the nutritional needs of show quality animals. We can supply you with custom feeds for your livestock. We carry Western Ag. products and can sell them to you direct.

Farm Fresh Produce

Fresh Corn from LK Farms

Fresh locally grown Corn
Available in season.

Fresh Melons from LK Farms

Fresh locally grown Watermelons
Available in season.

Fresh Pumpkins from LK Farms

Fresh locally grown Pumpkins
Available in season.

Fresh Peaches from LK Farms

Fresh locally grown Peaches
Available in season.

Fresh Tomatos from LK Farms

Fresh locally grown Tomatos
Available in season.